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Fire Protection

A fire accident is dangerous and unpredictable causing immense damage to life, property and valuables. Every establishment needs to take precautions and adopt fire control measures. We, at POSS, are proficient in fire protection and disaster management. We undertake fire audits, premises surveys, provide trained fire-fighters and conduct mock drills, along with installation as well as maintenance of fire hydrant systems and fire-fighting equipment.

Additionally, we offer fire and toxic/explosive gas detection systems installation for early detection of fire/gas leak and extinguishing. Our fire service department is always on vigil and conducts fire guard training program on a regular basis for efficient handling of fire related incidents. Security personnel are specifically trained, about fire protection and fire-fighting measures, through rigorous crash course conducted by fire advisors’ and certified fire engineers’.

Moreover, our quick response team (QRT) is trained to respond to any emergency within a short span of time to ensure complete safety of people, infrastructure and intellectual properties.

Our Fire Protection services include

• Provision of trained fire guards
• Training of company staff in fire prevention and fire fighting
• Installation and maintenance of hydrant systems and fire-fighting equipment
• Conduct and practice evacuation drills
• Fire audit and survey

POSS security solutions spring from a profound understanding of possible threats and hazards. With POSS, you can be sure of the security measures being offered after careful scrutiny and understanding of your distinctive professional risks and requirements. Our focus is to help you and your company in assessment and implementation of adequate security measures that provide an efficient and cost-effective service set-up.

POSS is one of the most experienced and reliable security providers in India. POSS is the answer to securing your establishment with a friendly and professional outlook.