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Facility Management

A Value Adding Solution

Simplifying your Goals with World Class Services

Complete integrated solutions that help you leverage your performance while we take care of your day to day needs. We call it Integrated Facility Services while you may term it pure convenience. The PROTECTIVE ONSITE SERVICE SOLUTIONS workforce is committed to understanding the needs of every organization that we serve. Our services are always in line with our global standards. The services that we provide are:

• Efficient
• All inclusive
• Customer friendly

Solutions that we offer:

• Cleaning
• Security
• Catering
• Technical
• Support

Through the coordination of multiple work streams, people management processes and integrated delivery systems, PROTECTIVE ONSITE SERVICE SOLUTIONS Facility Management adds value to the customer organization, allowing increased focus on core competences by unleashing the potential of outsourcing.

What we do:

Different businesses have different needs – and this principle naturally also applies to facility management (FM). Some businesses want to outsource the entire range of facility services, whilst others have a smaller outsourcing need.

At PROTECTIVE ONSITE SERVICE SOLUTIONS, we deliver a wide range of self-performed services that can be combined in numerous ways depending on the customer’s requirements. Creating a flexible, transparent and tailor-made FM solution in close dialogue with the customer is critical for scaling services to meet the changing needs of the organization.

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Benefits of partnering with POSS

The PROTECTIVE ONSITE SERVICE SOLUTIONS approach to Facility Management combines all the customer’s services into an integrated solution. By bundling services we are able to reduce overheads and allocate resources more efficiently.

For example, combining site-based services with periodical off-site deliveries for optimizing efficiency e.g. energy management or ad-hoc services such as event-catering, planned maintenance or security installations. The synergy comes from our ability to integrate services and optimise delivery systems.

The ability to integrate and self-deliver services is the key to providing cost-effective workflows and high-quality service. For the customer, this creates cost efficiency within the organization and complies with the Service Level Agreement (SLA) according to the customer’s demands. The PROTECTIVE ONSITE SERVICE SOLUTIONS approach to FM is through an integrated model where services are delivered through a seamless integration of people, processes and systems.