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POSS provides a plethora of services for specialized protection and planning during events of all magnitude and sensitivity. The security requirement for every event is unique and a proper recce is done prior to etching out a plan and its execution. We cover the entire range of events such as; corporate events, sports security, product launches, music concerts, fashion shows, trade fairs, and general body meetings etc.
POSS has secured several large-scale and highly sensitive events in the recent past and has effectively handled following areas:

Access control:

Access control systems, both proximity and biometric based, with installation and monitoring for ensuring authorized entry to the event. All sensitive events are secured with high-end electronic surveillance systems in order to minimize any safety risks.

Crowd control:

Manned guards, armed and unarmed, covering the entire venue to avoid the crowd becoming unruly and any disruption.

Escorting services:

Escorting services for the protection and safety of VIP’s and eminent personalities.

Traffic and parking control management:

Traffic and parking control to ensure free flow of traffic and protection of parked vehicles.